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User-Defined Shortcut Keys

Find out how to access and use the User-Defined Shortcut Keys window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the User-Defined Shortcut Keys window

  • For the selected keymap file, view all keystroke shortcuts you defined.

Access the User-Defined Shortcut Keys window

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options, or press <Alt><T><O>, and then click Keymaps
  2. In the Select Keymap File list, select a keymap file
  3. Click List All.
  4. (Optional) Click Print to print the list of keystrokes with definitions. 
  5. Click Close

See more about how to customize keystroke shortcuts.

User-Defined Shortcut Keys window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Keystroke/Definition list View all keystroke shortcuts you created in the selected keymap file.

The definition shows the menu item, macro, or character you assigned to the keystroke.

Example: Ctrl+Alt+U               Menu Item ViewUserInformation


Button name Click the button to...
Close Close the window.
Print Print the list.