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New Components Available

Find out how to access and use the New Components Available window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the New Components Available window

  • Download files containing small changes in the Connexion client configuration without having to upgrade or install a completely new version. 

Access the New Components Available window

  1. When new components are available, the New Components Available window opens automatically when you open the client.
  2. The window informs you that the Connexion client components listed have new versions available, and asks if you want to download now.
  3. Click Yes to download or Remind me later to download later.

 Note: When you open the client, all downloadable files are placed in X:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\OCLC\Connex\.

New Components Available window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
List of files containing new versions of client components View a list of updated client components to download.


Button name Click the button to...
Yes Click to download the files immediately.
Remind me later Click to download at another time when you open the client.

The window reopens each time you open the client until you download the files.

If you do not download, you will get the new component when you upgrade to a new client version.