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Find out how to access and use the Find/Replace window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Find/Replace window

  • Find and replace text in a bibliographic or authority record or workform.

Access the Find/Replace window

  1. With a record or workform displayed, click Edit > Find/Replace, or click Find/Replace button, or press <Alt><Delete> and then enter the text you want to find in the Find What field.
    Highlight the text that you want to find in the record and then click Edit > Find/Replace to place the text in Find What field automatically. 
  2. Enter the text you want to replace a found text in the Replace With field. 
  3. Click Find. When the term is found, click Replace or Replace All to replace the term or all instances of the term.
    Click Find Next to skip the term and find the next instance.
  4. When finished, click Cancel.

See more about how to find and replace text in bibliographic records.

Find/Replace window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Find What text field Type the text you want to find in the open record or workform.
Highlight a word or phrase in the record before opening the window. The client places the selected text in the Find What box.

When you click Find Next, the program locates the text you type in the record, matching character by character from left to right, and highlights the field where it is located.
Replace With text field Type the text you want to insert in place of the "found" text.
Match Case check box Select or clear the option to match upper- and lowercase exactly of the text you want to find and the text you want to replace.

A check mark indicates that the option is selected.
Whole Word check box Select or clear the option to match the text in the Find What box with whole words only.

Example: computer finds any instances of computer, computerized, computerese, etc., unless the Whole Word option is selected. If the option is selected, only the word computer is found.
Search Up check box Select or clear the option to search text from the cursor location to the top of the record rather than forward from the cursor location to the end of the record.


Button name Click the button to...
Find Next Find the next occurrence of the text you entered in Find What.
Replace Replace all occurrences of found text with text you entered in Replace With.
Replace All Apply the settings you entered and close the window.
Enter Diacritics Open the Enter Diacritics and Special Characters window to insert a character or diacritic at the location of the cursor in the Find What or Replace With text.
Cancel Close the window and cancel any further Find/Replace actions.