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Assigned Keys

Find out how to access and use the Assigned Keys window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Assigned Keys window

  • View a list of all assigned keystroke shortcuts and their source.
  • Re-sort the list if needed.
  • Copy the list and paste into a word processor file for editing to create a customized list.
  • Print the list.

Access the Assigned Keys window

  1. Navigate to View > Assigned Keys or press <Alt><V><A>.
  2. (Optional) Click a column heading to re-sort the list by data in the column.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the entire list and paste into a text editing program.
    Click Print to print the list.
  4. Click Close.

See more about how to assign keystroke shortcuts.

Assigned Keys window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Select Keymap File list Lists all keymap files. select the keymap file you want to view.
Keystroke/Source/Definition list View a list of keystrokes assigned to a menu item, character, macro, or text string in the selected keymap file. Also, view the source of each key assignment:
  • Windows: Keystrokes that are standard in Microsoft Windows
  • App: Connexion client default keystrokes
  • Custom: Keystrokes that you defined (customize)
  • Other names: Any keymap files you create.

 Note: Click a column heading to re-sort the list alphabetically by that column. Click the same column heading again to re-sort in reverse alphabetical order. 


Button Click the button to...
Close Close the window (or press <Enter>).
Copy to Clipboard Copy the list to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into a word-processor file and editas needed to create a customized list.
Print Print the displayed list of keystroke assignments.