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About batch processing in the client

Find an overview of how batch processing works in Connexion client.


Batch processing runs searches and record actions on multiple records and/or files automatically all at once (in a batch). Batch processing in the client follows this general pattern:

  1. You do this:
    • Enter WorldCat searches and/or set actions you want to take on bibliographic records in your local bibliographic save file.
    • Enter LC authority file searches and/or set actions you want to take on authority records in your local authority save file.
  2. You do this: Run batch processing on the local file(s) you prepared.
  3. The client does this:
    • Automatically logs on to the OCLC system using a default authorization and password that you set up.
    • Runs the searches and/or processes actions on records. 
    • Downloads records from searches.
    • Produces separate reports on the results of searches and record actions.

Batch processing in the client is different from WorldCat data sync collections. In the Connexion client, you set up and initiate batch processing. It is under your control. Data sync collections, run by OCLC database specialists, can process much larger amounts of records/data on behalf of libraries. See Data sync collections for more information about the data sync process.

Set up for batch processing

The table below shows the menus and commands to access settings and options for batch processing. In each of the windows that these commands open, click the Help button for detailed instructions.

Go to ... To ...
Tools > Options > Batch Set options for:
  • Maximum number of matched records to download (up to 150)
  • Keeping batch search keys if too many matches are found, no records are found, or errors occur in searches
  • Deleting attached local holdings records when holdings are deleted
  • Taking export and label print actions on records in local files via batch processing rather than export or print labels immediately.
  • Displaying or printing batch reports as soon as processing is finished
Batch > Process Batch; click Search Options Set options to assign a My Status or apply default constant data to records downloaded from a search.
Required: A default logon authorization and password:

Tools > Options > Authorizations (general logon)
File > Local File Manager; click Authorizations (file-
specific logon)
You must enter either a general default authorization and password or a local- file-specific authorization and password for automatic logon for batch processing.