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Replace name authority records interactively

Discover how to replace name authority records interactively and how to lock and unlock an authority record in Connexion client.

Replace a name authority record interactively

If you are a NACO participant (Name Authority Cooperative Program) and have a MARC organization code, you can replace an LC authority file record or a record saved in the online authority save file or in the local save file while logged on.

  1. Log on to Connexion client.
  2. Retrieve the record you want to modify and replace from the online or local authority save file.
     Note: To replace an LC authority file record, you must first save it to the online or local save file.
  3. Edit the record.
    Click Action > Lock WorldCat Record  or press <Alt><F8>, and then edit the record. 

    The word Locked appears in the record information area. The lock status is not shown in the record's status bar.
  4. Click Action > Replace Record or press <Alt><F10>.
     Note: If you did not lock the record before editing, the system locks it automatically before carrying out the Replace Record action. If another user locked or replaced the record after you opened or saved it, the action fails and you get an error message.

Results of replacing a record


  • Connexion validates the record(s) before replacing.
  • If a record contains invalid data, the client returns a list of errors, which you can print if needed. Replace status for the record changes to F (Failed). Correct the errors and then retry replacing the record.

Replace record in LC authority file

When the record is valid, the system automatically:

  • Replaces it in the LC authority file.
  • Adds your MARC Organization Code to 040 ‡d, if the same Code is not already present in the last ‡d of the 040 field.
  • Stores the record for delivery to LC.
  • Locks the modified WorldCat record pending LC distribution.
    • Distribution of a new record normally takes three to four days.
    • If you try to lock the WorldCat record for editing during this time, the system notifies you that it is already locked.
  • Displays the modified WorldCat authority record with the Replace status changed to C (Complete) in the record’s status bar and in the Replace column of a list.

Caution: False error message about duplicates

A false error message may result from system duplicate detection when you add a new authority record or replace a WorldCat record.

The system uses NACO Normalization rules to match the 1XX heading of any record you want to add against the 1XX and 4XX name headings to detect duplicates. However, the system incorrectly ignores the first comma in subfield a, which results in the following incorrect validation error message: This main entry exists in another authority record: LCCN=xx xxxxx ARN=ocaxxxxx.

If you receive this message as a result of this problem, and the new heading is not a duplicate, click OK to close the message, and simply reissue the Add to Authority File command.

Lock and open a linked authority record from a name heading

When you work with bibliographic records while online and want to edit an authority record linked from a controlled heading in a bibliographic record, open and lock the authority WorldCat record directly from the linked heading:

  1. While logged on, with the cursor in a controlled heading field in a bibliographic record, click Action > Lock Linked Authority Record or press <Alt><A><I>.
    • If the controlled heading field has one controlled heading, the client locks the authority WorldCat record (name authorities only) and opens it for editing immediately.
    • If the controlled heading field has multiple controlled headings linked to different authority records, the Lock Linked Authority Record window opens, showing a list of the controlled headings in the field.
  2. Select the check box next to a heading linked to the authority record you want to lock and open.
    • You may select only one heading.
    • You must have a NACO authorization to replace an authority WorldCat record you locked and edited.
    • You can lock only a name authority record. If you select a subject heading, the linked authority record opens, but it is not locked, and the WorldCat record cannot be edited and replaced.
  3. Click OK. The client locks the authority WorldCat record for the heading you selected and opens it for editing.

Unlock a record

To release the lock you set on a WorldCat authority record without taking a Replace action (record not automatically locked for LC processing), click Action > Release Record Lock or press <Alt><F9> from the open locked record.

  • The WorldCat record is unlocked in the LC authority file.
  • Changes you made while the record was locked are retained in your working copy.