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Authorization levels and cataloging capabilities for authority records

Find authorization levels and cataloging capabilities for authority records in Connexion client.

Cataloging capabilities

Specific kinds of editing capabilities and actions you can take on bibliographic and authority records depend on your OCLC cataloging authorization level.

OCLC assigns each library one or more authorization numbers to log on to Connexion. The authorization is associated with the cataloging level established by your OCLC profile. The authorization tells Connexion when you log on what actions you are authorized to take.

Authorization levels and what you can do

The following table lists authorization levels in order of most basic to highly specialized, with a list of actions authorized for each level. Unless specified, actions are available for both bibliographic and authority records if applicable to both.

Authorization level Connexion client authorized actions
Search Search any OCLC database and display retrieved records, including WorldCat, LC names and subjects authority file, and the LC names and subjects history file.
  • Export records
  • Display holdings
  • Report errors in records
  • Create labels
  • Print
  • Edit records locally
  • Save records to local save file
  • Search online save file
  • Create records
  • Use constant data
  • Import records

 Note: In some circumstances (e.g., you use a Search authorization for Resource Sharing activities), your Search authorization may include additional local holdings capabilities.

Limited Same actions as for Search plus the following actions:
  • Submit records for review
  • Lock records
  • Save records to online save file
  • Delete records from online save file
  • Validate records
  • Control headings

 Note on maintaining local holdings: Although local holdings maintenance is available only in the browser, you can open the browser local holdings interface and automatically log on from within the client: Click Tools > Launch Local Holdings Maintenance.

 Note on the online save file: Each library has a single online save file associated with its authorization, which you can access using either the client or the browser interface.

Full Same actions as for Search plus Limited and the following actions:
  • Set and delete holdings on bibliographic records
  • Replace WorldCat bibliographic records in WorldCat
  • Add new bibliographic records to WorldCat
NACO (Name Authority Cooperative program) Same actions as for Full plus the following actions:
  • Replace name authority records in the LC authority file
  • Add new name authority records to the LC authority file
  • Edit BIBCO records (monographic records with Field 042 "pcc")
Agent Same actions as for Full plus the following actions:
  • Set and delete holdings on bibliographic records on behalf of other libraries for whom the agent is providing cataloging
  • Maintain local holdings on behalf of other libraries
Regular Enhance Same actions as for Full
Enhance National Same actions as for NACO

Used by BIBCO participants to create and edit WorldCat records with Field 042 "pcc"
CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials program) National Same actions as for NACO except for editing of BIBCO records

Used by CONSER participants to authenticate and maintain continuing resource records

Definitions of WorldCat record upgrades versus records with local edits

Edit mode Definition and notes
WorldCat bibliographic or name authority record (locked or unlocked)
  • A WorldCat record is the version of the record available to all who have access to Connexion. It does not include local data for any library.
  • To replace a WorldCat record, it must be locked in WorldCat or the LC authority file:
    • With a WorldCat or save file record open, click Action > Lock WorldCat Record. Edit the record and replace it (Action > Replace Record).
      Edit the record locally (while it is unlocked), and when you replace it, let the system lock the record automatically before completing Replace.
       Note: If another user has already locked or replaced the record after you opened or saved it, your replace action fails and you get an error message.
  • When you lock a record (or the client locks it before replacing it), no other user can access the WorldCat record until you unlock it or the Replace is completed.
  • Other users can retrieve the record or edit it locally while the WorldCat record is locked.
Locally edited bibliographic or authority record
  • A locally edited record is a copy of the WorldCat record that you can modify for your particular library needs and then export to your local system, without affecting the WorldCat record.
  • Any time you edit a record without locking it or replacing it, you are making local edits. Other users can retrieve the record, edit it locally, or lock and edit the WorldCat record.
  • You are using local editing when you do copy cataloging.

Summary: Authorization levels and making WorldCat record edits versus local edits

Record level/Authorization level Connexion client: Editing/Actions authorized Records/Modifications authorized
Locally edited records

Search and higher
  • Edit records locally
  • Save to local save file
  • Export
  • Any record in WorldCat or the LC authority file.
  • Any modifications for local use.
Locally edited records

Limited and higher
  • Lock record
  • Edit record
  • Save record to local or online save file
  • Export
  • Any record in WorldCat or the LC authority file.
  • Any modifications for local use.
WorldCat records

Full, NACO, or higher
  • Lock record (Optional)
  • Edit record
  • Save record (Optional)
  • Replace
  • Export
  • Records your library contributed
  • Minimal-level records you are upgrading
  • Records you are enriching (adding call numbers, contents notes, subject headings, non-Latin script data, etc.)