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Search results too large

Discover how to narrow the results of an authority record search in Connexion client.


  • Your search in the Connexion LC authority file retrieves too many records, and you have difficulty finding the specific record you need.
  • You cannot limit the search effectively. For example, you need a record for a broader heading found in many records for specific headings.


Browse for authority records, instead of searching, using the term and index. In the Browse Results list, click the term to view a list of the records retrieved. Browsing may produce a smaller result set that you can sort by main entry.
Enter the heading in a bibliographic record and then control the heading.

  1. In the bibliographic record you are editing, add the appropriate type of heading field. Then enter the heading in the added field.
  2. With the cursor remaining in the added field, click Edit > Control Heading > Single or press <F11>. The authority control function either links the heading to the appropriate authority record or returns a list of records that completely or partly match the heading you entered.
  3. To view the authority record(s), click the hyperlinked heading(s).


Search or browse to find a record for the corporate name heading Catholic Church. A search retrieves over 5000 records. A browse retrieves over 1500 records.

Add a 110 or 710 field to a bibliographic record:

  1. Enter the text Catholic Church in the field.
  2. Click Edit >Control Headings > Single. The system retrieves two records that exactly match the heading you entered.

See Control headings in bibliographic records for more information.