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Find authority records in the online save file

Discover how to find authority records in the online save file in Connexion client.

Find an authority record in the online save file

  1. Log on to the system.
  2. Navigate to Authorities > Search > Online Save File, click the Search Online Save File button (Search Online Save File button), or press <Alt><F3>.
  3. In the Search Online Authority Save File dialog, in the Search for text field, enter one or more search terms.
    To retrieve all save file records, leave all search criteria blank and then click OK or press <Enter>. Ignore the remaining steps in this workflow.

    Save file lists are sorted in alphabetical order by main entry. Re-sort records in the save file list by clicking any column heading to sort by the data in that column.
  4. In the adjacent list, click the index you want to search. Indexes include:
    • Save File Number
    • LCCN
    • LCSH
    • OCLC ARN
    • Personal Names
    • Corporate Names
    • Conference Names
    • Titles
    • Topicals
    • Geographic Names
    • Children's Subjects
    • Reference Headings
    • Subdivision Headings
    • Replace Date
  5. (Optional) Combine search terms:
    1. Enter another search term in the second text field.
    2. Select a Boolean operator to combine the two terms.
      • AND
      • OR
      • NOT
    3. In the adjacent list, select the index you want to search.
  6. (Optional) Insert diacritics or special characters:
    1. Place the cursor where you want to insert a diacritic or character and click Enter Diacritics
    2. In the Insert Diacritics and Special Characters dialog, click the image or the name of the character you want to insert.
    3. Click Insert.

      See Insert diacritics and special characters for more information.
  7. (Optional) Limit the search by a specific workflow status:
    1. Select one of the following statuses:
      • Completed
      • Imported
      • In Process
      • In Review
      • New
         Note: To find only records with a specified workflow status, enter no other search criteria.
  8. (Optional) Limit search by records you submitted to other libraries for review:
    1. Select the Submitted for Review check box.
       Note: To find only records you submitted for review, enter no other search criteria.
  9. (Optional) Retain the current search:
    1. Select the Retain Search check box. The client keeps the search each time you open the Search Online Authority Save File dialog until you change it.
  10. (Optional) Limit search to Review File records that other libraries sent to you for review:
    1. Select the All Review File Records check box.
    2. Select the Review File Records for Institution check box and enter an institution symbol in the adjacent text box.
       Note: To find only records that one or more libraries set you to review, enter no other search criteria.
  11. When finished, perform one of the following action:
    • Click OK or press <Enter> to send the search. 
    • Click Clear Search to clear the search (keeps only the index selection) and enter another.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the search and close the dialog. 


The following words are not indexed for searching either the online or the local authority save file:

a, an, and, are, as, at, be, by, for, from, in, is, of, on, or, that, the, to, with, http, www

Stopwords are automatically removed from searches to make the search valid. You do not receive an error message if you include stopwords in a search. Searches that include only stopwords result in no matches.