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Monthly transaction reports

Monthly transaction reports for individual libraries and for libraries subscribing as a group are mounted each month in My Files (under the WorldShare Metadata tab).

Reports are not available for libraries that use the CatExpress interface but do not subscribe to the service.

Characteristic Description
Availability Each month OCLC mounts your reports in My Files (under the WorldShare Metadata tab).
Longevity Reports remain available for 90 days.
Content The reports list transactions for the current month's activity and year-to-date activity (year-to-date activity is for the subscription year, not the calendar year).
Reports include 3 kinds of information:
  • Setholds: The number of times your institution symbol was added to a record as a first-time use. Any usage after your first time use is not counted against your CatExpress subscription level.
  • Deletes: The number of times you delete your institution symbol from a record.
  • Searches: The number of searches you performed in CatExpress.
Format The reports are available in a comma-delimited format, which can be loaded into a spreadsheet.



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