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About CatExpress

Find an overview of CatExpress and the CatExpress process.

We are discontinuing the CatExpress UI within Connexion browser on 30 April 2024.

WorldShare Record Manager is already included in your CatExpress subscription, so we encourage you to begin your transition today.

See Make the switch to WorldShare Record Manager and Simplified cataloging interface for more information.

What is CatExpress?

The OCLC ® Cataloging Express service provides an easy-to-use Web interface for copy cataloging. Copy cataloging is selecting an existing bibliographic record from WorldCat ®, adding local data to it, and then adding the record to your local catalog.

OCLC institution symbol

The Save to Catalog action attaches your OCLC institution symbol to the record in WorldCat. Attaching your institution symbol establishes that your institution holds the item described by the record. Use this information to determine if you hold an item. Others use this information for resource sharing activities. Each institution symbol may have several holding library codes to designate sub-collections or holdings.

Local system record loading

After cataloging an item, you obtain a bibliographic record for loading into your local library system. The system exports a record for each item cataloged to a file located on an OCLC Connexion® server. Records are added to the file until you download it.

Authorization and password

You, your local system administrator, and OCLC Order Services work together to profile and set up CatExpress. OCLC Order Services provides the authorization number. You choose your password.

Authorization type

Depending on your authorization type, you may have access to either the cataloging system and CatExpress, or CatExpress only.

  • CatExpress and cataloging system – Access to all cataloging system and CatExpress functions
  • CatExpress only – Access to Catexpress functions only

Summary of CatExpress process

  1. Log on to OCLC CatExpress by going to or Access CatExpress by clicking on the Express tab in Connexion.
  2. Search for and identify a record that matches the item you are cataloging.
  3. Enter a valid holding library code.
  4. Process the record. Add local data and click Save to Catalog. If you have no local data to add (or will add it after downloading records into your local system), click Save to Catalog. You may also view, edit, and print labels.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each item you are cataloging.
  6. While logged on to CatExpress, download a file of exported records from the Connexion server.
  7. When finished cataloging items, log off.

CatExpress subscriptions

CatExpress subscriptions are available for purchase by individual libraries and groups of libraries as follows: K-12 libraries and special, federal, and public libraries that serve a population of 20,000 or fewer users, as well as academic and community college libraries with a staff size of 2,500 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE). Subscription levels are available between 250 and 7,000 titles per year per library. The 7,000 title limit applies to libraries subscribing as an individual or as a member of a group.

CatExpress subscriptions allow you to copy catalog records that already exist in WorldCat. If your library needs to create original cataloging records or it does not meet the subscription criteria for CatExpress, a full cataloging subscription is recommended.

Setting holdings on WorldCat records as a first-time use is counted against your CatExpress subscription. Any usage after the first time is not counted against your CatExpress subscription level.

CatExpress subscription and Collection Manager

New records output via Collection Manager will count against your total record budget for your CatExpress subscription. Updated records for titles/OCLC numbers that were previously delivered will not be billed.

For more information, see Use Collection Manager with a CatExpress subscription.

Reminders for Connexion cataloging users

  • If you use CatExpress for a portion of your workflow, this activity is included in the rate for your cataloging subscription.
  • Records for CatExpress subscribers and member libraries are exported to files on the Connexion Server.

If you need help

If you need help accessing the system, contact your local system administrator or Internet service provider.

Click Contact (in the Header bar) for help in contacting your OCLC regional service provider or OCLC Customer Support.

If you need to contact OCLC Customer Support when not logged on, you can call 1-800-848-5800 or go to OCLC support.