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OCLC Holding Library Code (049) field

Find the available subfields and information about the holding library code for field 049 in CatExpress.

Subfields in OCLC-MARC records

OCLC Holding Library Code maps to field 049 (Local Holdings) subfield $a (Holding library code) in OCLC-MARC records.

 Note: This is a required field.

Holding library code

A holding library code identifies one location within a group and/or one collection at a location. These symbols and codes are assigned when your CatExpress profile is set up. The following examples illustrate holding library codes:

  • Your library has OCLC symbol ABC. A typical holding library code might be ABCG to identify your general collection.
  • Your library has OCLC symbol QJTLZ. A typical holding library code might be MAIN to identify your general collection.

If you have a special collection or type of material you want to identify within your library (apart from your general collection), use another holding library code:

  • You need to put an item in your reference collection. A typical holding library code library might be ABCR or REFR.

Changing the holding library code

If you set the default holding library code on the Express Options screen, CatExpress automatically inserts your library's default holding library code in the data entry box labeled OCLC Holding Library Code on the Catalog screen.

If you have not set your default holding library code, CatExpress uses the default holding library code based on your OCLC profile. On the Catalog screen, you can change the displayed holding library code by typing over over it You can type the code in uppercase or lowercase. Once set, the code persists until you change it or end your session.

If you need to know what your holding library codes are, check with your local system administrator or regional service provider for the appropriate character(s).

Profiles for OCLC symbols and holding library codes

The profile set up by the local system administrator and regional service provider staff determines how OCLC institution symbols and holding library codes are used by your consortia, library, and/or local system.

Multiple holding library codes

If you are adding multiple copies for multiple sites, you may enter multiple holding library codes. When entering multiple holding library codes in the 049 field (Holding Library Code) data entry box, type a comma and a space ( , ) before each additional code. For example, enter three codes as follows: ABCG, ABCM, ABCR. Your local system may require a separate location (852) field for each holding library code you add. Follow local guidelines.

Input stamps

An input stamp is information you type in the 049 field, in square brackets ([ ]), immediately before or after the holding library code. Usually, an input stamp identifies the location or collection represented by the holding library code. The input stamp appears on labels produced from the bibliographic record.

Follow local guidelines

For specific information on what you should enter, follow local guidelines.