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Location (852) field

Find the available subfields and location information for field 852 in CatExpress.

Subfields in OCLC-MARC records

Location maps to field 852 (Location) in OCLC-MARC records. This field may be used to record local item information. Not all local library systems can use 852 information. Confirm whether your system accepts 852 before using this field. This is an optional field.

Location information

Location information is mapped to the specific subfields in OCLC-MARC records. The following table is an example of how data fields might map to a local system:

CatExpress Local system Example 1 Example 2
Location ($a): Institution/location OSUM ABCR
Sublocation ($b): General location code third floor art collection
Shelving Location ($c): Collection code EPROF EFIC
Class ($h): Classification part of the call number 027.8223 813
Cutter ($i): Item part of the call number M82HI C976wh
Shelving Control# ($j): Shelving control number v.1 c. 3
Barcode ($p): Accession number 033450071234 6870291458
Public Note ($z): Note (Public) vol. 3 missing 7-day loan

Blank fields

You may leave some or all of the Location data entry boxes blank. However, if you enter data in any other data entry box in 852 (Location), then you must enter a Location ($a) code.

Local guidelines

For specific information about what you should enter, follow local guidelines.