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CONTENTdm release notes, August 2022


Release Date: August 17, 2022


This release of CONTENTdm has a small change with the account management portal for CONTENTdm.

CONTENTdm uses OCLC LDAP accounts for all of its staff tools (CONTENTdm Administration, Website Configuration Tool, and Project Client), as well as Saved Items feature. The OCLC LDAP accounts are also used by old users. As is rolling out its next generation interface on August 23, 2022, things will change as users will need to migrate to a different eIDM account system. That means the links such as and will be redirected to new's OCLC eIDM accounts management pages.

To accommodate this change, we created a new account management portal for CONTENTdm (and DCG) users to be able to continue using their OCLC LDAP accounts. This new account management portal will take care of creating new accounts and forgot password for your OCLC LDAP accounts. You won't notice any change for CONTENTdm other than these functions related to account management.

To read more about this change, see here.

(Notes added 09/27/2022) If the above is too confusing for you - the key is that CONTENTdm and old used to share the use of the OCLC LDAP accounts. Now new has moved to a different account system. So if you are trying to use CONTENTdm, only use the links on your CONTENTdm site's login page to manage your CONTENTdm accounts. (If you hide login page, add digital/login to your site's URL to get to the page. E.g.,