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Discover how to use the Processing settings to specify how PDF and finding aid files should be processed when added to the project.


By default, the PDF file processing settings match collection configuration settings set by an administrator using CONTENTdm Administration. You can override those settings in the Project Settings Manager.

For more information about PDF files, see Work with PDF files. For more information about finding aids, see Add finding aids.

Edit Processing settings

  1. Navigate to the Processing section of the Project Settings Manager.
  2. Specify the desired Processing Settings.

    Processing settings:

    Setting Definition Options
    PDF File Conversion Enables you to set whether multiple-page PDF files should be converted to compound objects when added to the project.
    1. Do not convert multiple-page PDF files to compound objects.
    2. Convert multiple-page PDF files to compound objects.
    • Specify how PDF compound objects should be named as a series when added to the project using Page Name Settings:
    1. Name and a specified number
    2. Existing file name and a specified number
    PDF Print Quality Enables you to specify the quality of the optional print versions (PDF) of the compound object. The quality is determined by this setting in relation to the quality of the original source material.

     Note: Higher quality settings require more processing and rendering time to display.

    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Maximum
    Finding Aids

    Defines the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) used for displaying the full finding aid as HTML.

    When finding aids (XML files) are added to a project, they are processed and automatically converted to compound objects with access to view the full finding aid in a separate window. 

    The defined XSL formats the HTML used to display the full finding aid.

    • Use CONTENTdm XSL file (default)
    • Use a custom XSL file
  3. Click OK to save and close the Project Settings Manager.