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01. Introduction


A ResourceType is defined to be the first two positions of CBS MARC tag 0500 - Bibliographic type and status - subfield 0 and PICA+ tag 002@ subfield $0. They are listed, together with their description in the default language, in a file. The order of the entries is the order in which they will be presented to the cataloger. There is a separate file for bibliographic and one for authority records.

CCWeb templates

A template is a record with (mostly) empty fields and subfields that is used to fill a create-record form. Local- and copy-templates can be used when a user wants to create such a record when updating an existing record.

For the different ResourceTypes of bibliographic and authority records, we have defined the fields and subfields that should or can be part of a default template in which these fields are mentioned to make it easier for a cataloguer to make a record.

Empty subfields that aren't filled in by the cataloguer will be silently deleted. Empty fields will also be silently deleted; a field is empty when it contains no other subfields than PICA+ subfields $S, $T and $U1.

1. The special PICA+ subfield $x is also one of those subfields. But in the CBS MARC 21 format, the so called $x occurrence is not used in principle.