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09. Fields 6XX / 64X – Series Treatment / 663-666 – Complex Name References / 667-68X – Notes – authority format

How must this table be read?

  • Cells marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are "active", i.e. they can be used. So, tags marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are extensions to, i.e. these are not part of the Library of Congress and the OCLC (WorldCat) format. So, tags marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells with no color. These tags are "reserved" CBS MARC 21 tags; thus, these are non-existing tags now – for the main/master level, the local (LBD) and copy (LHR) level. These tags are only reserved for potential future use. Tags marked with no color may not be used in the CBS MARC 21 format now. So, when we need an extension of the CBS MARC 21 format or a new tag is defined by the MAC (MARC Advisory Committee), we already know what the CBS MARC 21 and CBS MARC 21 PICA+ tags will be.
  • Tag descriptions marked with purple are specific OCLC MARC 21 (WorldCat) tags.

Additional MARC 21 documentation

For more MARC 21 documentation:


M21 tag Description CBS MARC tag - main/master level PICA+ tag -main/master level CBS MARC tag -
local level
PICA+ tag -
local level
CBS MARC 21 tag -
copy level
PICA+ tag -
copy level
600   M600 070A L600 170A C600 270A
601   M601 070B L601 170B C601 270B
602   M602 070C L602 170C C602 270C
603   M603 070D L603 170D C603 270D
604   M604 070E L604 170E C604 270E
605   M605 070F L605 170F C605 270F
606   M606 070G L606 170G C606 270G
607   M607 070H L607 170H C607 270H
608   M608 070I L608 170I C608 270I
609   M609 070J L609 170J C609 270J
610   M610 070K L610 170K C610 270K
611   M611 070L L611 170L C611 270L
612   M612 070M L612 170M C612 270M
613   M613 070N L613 170N C613 270N
614   M614 070O L614 170O C614 270O
615   M615 070P L615 170P C615 270P
616   M616 070Q L616 170Q C616 270Q
617   M617 070R L617 170R C617 270R
618   M618 070S L618 170S C618 270S
619   M619 070T L619 170T C619 270T
620   M620 070U L620 170U C620 270U
621   M621 070V L621 170V C621 270V
622   M622 070W L622 170W C622 270W
623   M623 070X L623 170X C623 270X
624   M624 070Y L624 170Y C624 270Y
625   M625 070Z L625 170Z C625 270Z
626   M626 071A L626 171A C626 271A
627   M627 071B L627 171B C627 271B
628   M628 071C L628 171C C628 271C
629   M629 071D L629 171D C629 271D
630   M630 071E L630 171E C630 271E
631   M631 071F L631 171F C631 271F
632   M632 071G L632 171G C632 271G
633   M633 071H L633 171H C633 271H
634   M634 071I L634 171I C634 271I
635   M635 071J L635 171J C635 271J
636   M636 071K L636 171K C636 271K
637   M637 071L L637 171L C637 271L
638   M638 071M L638 171M C638 271M
639   M639 071N L639 171N C639 271N
640 Series Dates of Publication and/or Sequential Designation / Series Dates of Publication and/or Volume Designation M640 071O L640 171O C640 271O
641 Series Numbering Peculiarities M641 071P L641 171P C641 271P
642 Series Numbering Example M642 071Q L642 171Q C642 271Q
643 Series Place and Publisher/Issuing Body M643 071R L643 171R C643 271R
644 Series Analysis Practice M644 071S L644 171S C644 271S
645 Series Tracing Practice M645 071T L645 171T C645 271T
646 Series Classification Practice M646 071U L646 171U C646 271U
647   M647 071V L647 171V C647 271V
648   M648 071W L648 171W C648 271W
649   M649 071X L649 171X C649 271X
650   M650 071Y L650 171Y C650 271Y
651   M651 071Z L651 171Z C651 271Z
652   M652 072A L652 172A C652 272A
653   M653 072B L653 172B C653 272B
654   M654 072C L654 172C C654 272C
655   M655 072D L655 172D C655 272D
656   M656 072E L656 172E C656 272E
657   M657 072F L657 172F C657 272F
658   M658 072G L658 172G C658 272G
659   M659 072H L659 172H C659 272H
660   M660 072I L660 172I C660 272I
661   M661 072J L661 172J C661 272J
662   M662 072K L662 172K C662 272K
663 Complex See Also Reference – Name M663 072L L663 172L C663 272L
664 Complex See Reference – Name M664 072M L664 172M C664 272M
665 History Reference M665 072N L665 172N C665 272N
666 General Explanatory Reference – Name M666 072O L666 172O C666 272O
667 Nonpublic General Note M667 072P L667 172P C667 272P
668 Note – Characters in Non-Roman Alphabets [OBSOLETE, 19xx] [USMARC only] M668 072Q L668 172Q C668 272Q
669   M669 072R L669 172R C669 272R
670 Source Data Found M670 072S L670 172S C670 272S
671 Note – Work Catalogued (Names/Titles) [OBSOLETE, 1997] [CAN/MARC only] M671 072T L671 172T C671 272T
672 Title Related to the Entity1 M672 072U L672 172U C672 272U
673 Title Not Related to the Entity2 M673 072V L673 172V C673 272V
674   M674 072W L674 172W C674 272W
675 Source Data Not Found M675 072X L675 172X C675 272X
676 Note – Cataloging Rules (Names/Titles) [OBSOLETE, 1997] [CAN/MARC only] M676 072Y L676 172Y C676 272Y
677 Definition3 M677 072Z L677 172Z C677 272Z
678 Biographical or Historical Data M678 073A L678 173A C678 273A
679   M679 073B L679 173B C679 273B
680 Public General Note M680 073C L680 173C C680 273C
681 Subject Example Tracing Note M681 073D L681 173D C681 273D
682 Deleted Heading Information / Subject Example Tracing Note M682 073E L682 173E C682 273E
683   M683 073F L683 173F C683 273F
684   M684 073G L684 173G C684 273G
685 Note – Source Data Found (Subjects) [OBSOLETE, 1997] [CAN/MARC only] M685 073H L685 173H C685 273H
686 Note – Source Data Not Found (Subjects) [OBSOLETE, 1997] [CAN/MARC only] M686 073I L686 173I C686 273I
687 Note – Usage (Subjects) [OBSOLETE, 1997] [CAN/MARC only] M687 073J L687 173J C687 273J
688 Application History Note4 M688 073K L688 173K C688 273K
689   M689 073L L689 173L C689 273L
690 Local Note M690 073M L690 173M C690 273M
691   M691 073N L691 173N C691 273N
692   M692 073O L692 173O C692 273O
693   M693 073P L693 173P C693 273P
694   M694 073Q L694 173Q C694 273Q
695   M695 073R L695 173R C695 273R
696   M696 073S L696 173S C696 273S
697   M697 073T L697 173T C697 273T
698   M698 073U L698 173U C698 273U
699   M699 073V L699 173V C699 273V


1. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
2. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
3. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
4. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.