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07. Fields 4XX – See From Tracings – authority format

How must this table be read?

  • Cells marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are "active", i.e. they can be used. So, tags marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are extensions to, i.e. these are not part of the Library of Congress and the OCLC (WorldCat) format. So, tags marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells with no color. These tags are "reserved" CBS MARC 21 tags; thus, these are non-existing tags now – for the main/master level, the local (LBD) and copy (LHR) level. These tags are only reserved for potential future use. Tags marked with no color may not be used in the CBS MARC 21 format now. So, when we need an extension of the CBS MARC 21 format or a new tag is defined by the MAC (MARC Advisory Committee), we already know what the CBS MARC 21 and CBS MARC 21 PICA+ tags will be.
  • Tag descriptions marked with purple are specific OCLC MARC 21 (WorldCat) tags.

Additional MARC 21 documentation

For more MARC 21 documentation:


M21 tag Description CBS MARC tag - main/master level PICA+ tag -main/master level CBS MARC tag -
local level
PICA+ tag -
local level
CBS MARC 21 tag -
copy level
PICA+ tag -
copy level
400 See From Tracing – Personal Name M400 050A L400 150A C400 250A
401   M401 050B L401 150B C401 250B
402   M402 050C L402 150C C402 250C
403   M403 050D L403 150D C403 250D
404   M404 050E L404 150E C404 250E
405   M405 050F L405 150F C405 250F
406   M406 050G L406 150G C406 250G
407   M407 050H L407 150H C407 250H
408   M408 050I L408 150I C408 250I
409   M409 050J L409 150J C409 250J
410 See From Tracing – Corporate Name M410 050K L410 150K C410 250K
411 See From Tracing – Meeting Name M411 050L L411 150L C411 250L
412   M412 050M L412 150M C412 250M
413   M413 050N L413 150N C413 250N
414   M414 050O L414 150O C414 250O
415   M415 050P L415 150P C415 250P
416   M416 050Q L416 150Q C416 250Q
417   M417 050R L417 150R C417 250R
418   M418 050S L418 150S C418 250S
419   M419 050T L419 150T C419 250T
420   M420 050U L420 150U C420 250U
421   M421 050V L421 150V C421 250V
422   M422 050W L422 150W C422 250W
423   M423 050X L423 150X C423 250X
424   M424 050Y L424 150Y C424 250Y
425   M425 050Z L425 150Z C425 250Z
426   M426 051A L426 151A C426 251A
427   M427 051B L427 151B C427 251B
428   M428 051C L428 151C C428 251C
429   M429 051D L429 151D C429 251D
430 See From Tracing – Uniform Title M430 051E L430 151E C430 251E
431   M431 051F L431 151F C431 251F
432   M432 051G L432 151G C432 251G
433   M433 051H L433 151H C433 251H
434   M434 051I L434 151I C434 251I
435   M435 051J L435 151J C435 251J
436   M436 051K L436 151K C436 251K
437   M437 051L L437 151L C437 251L
438   M438 051M L438 151M C438 251M
439   M439 051N L439 151N C439 251N
440   M440 051O L440 151O C440 251O
441   M441 051P L441 151P C441 251P
442   M442 051Q L442 151Q C442 251Q
443   M443 051R L443 151R C443 251R
444   M444 051S L444 151S C444 251S
445   M445 051T L445 151T C445 251T
446   M446 051U L446 151U C446 251U
447 See From Tracing – Named Event1 M447 051V L447 151V C447 251V
448 See From Tracing – Chronological Term2 M448 051W L448 151W C448 251W
449   M449 051X L449 151X C449 251X
450 See From Tracing – Topical Term M450 051Y L450 151Y C450 251Y
451 See From Tracing – Geographic Name M451 051Z L451 151Z C451 251Z
452   M452 052A L452 152A C452 252A
453   M453 052B L453 152B C453 252B
454   M454 052C L454 152C C454 252C
455 See From Tracing – Genre/Form Term M455 052D L455 152D C455 252D
456   M456 052E L456 152E C456 252E
457   M457 052F L457 152F C457 252F
458   M458 052G L458 152G C458 252G
459   M459 052H L459 152H C459 252H
460   M460 052I L460 152I C460 252I
461   M461 052J L461 152J C461 252J
462 See From Tracing – Medium of Performance Term3 M462 052K L462 152K C462 252K
463   M463 052L L463 152L C463 252L
464   M464 052M L464 152M C464 252M
465   M465 052N L465 152N C465 252N
466   M466 052O L466 152O C466 252O
467   M467 052P L467 152P C467 252P
468   M468 052Q L468 152Q C468 252Q
469   M469 052R L469 152R C469 252R
470   M470 052S L470 152S C470 252S
471   M471 052T L471 152T C471 252T
472   M472 052U L472 152U C472 252U
473   M473 052V L473 152V C473 252V
474   M474 052W L474 152W C474 252W
475   M475 052X L475 152X C475 252X
476   M476 052Y L476 152Y C476 252Y
477   M477 052Z L477 152Z C477 252Z
478   M478 053A L478 153A C478 253A
479   M479 053B L479 153B C479 253B
480 See From Tracing – General Subdivision M480 053C L480 153C C480 253C
481 See From Tracing – Geographic Subdivision M481 053D L481 153D C481 253D
482 See From Tracing – Chronological Subdivision M482 053E L482 153E C482 253E
483   M483 053F L483 153F C483 253F
484   M484 053G L484 153G C484 253G
485 See From Tracing – Form Subdivision M485 053H L485 153H C485 253H
486   M486 053I L486 153I C486 253I
487   M487 053J L487 153J C487 253J
488   M488 053K L488 153K C488 253K
489   M489 053L L489 153L C489 253L
490   M490 053M L490 153M C490 253M
491   M491 053N L491 153N C491 253N
492   M492 053O L492 153O C492 253O
493   M493 053P L493 153P C493 253P
494   M494 053Q L494 153Q C494 253Q
495   M495 053R L495 153R C495 253R
496   M496 053S L496 153S C496 253S
497   M497 053T L497 153T C497 253T
498   M498 053U L498 153U C498 253U
499   M499 053V L499 153V C499 253V


1. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
2. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
3. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.