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06. Fields 3XX – Headings / 360 – Complex Subject References – authority format

How must this table be read?

  • Cells marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are "active", i.e. they can be used. So, tags marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are extensions to, i.e. these are not part of the Library of Congress and the OCLC (WorldCat) format. So, tags marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells with no color. These tags are "reserved" CBS MARC 21 tags; thus, these are non-existing tags now – for the main/master level, the local (LBD) and copy (LHR) level. These tags are only reserved for potential future use. Tags marked with no color may not be used in the CBS MARC 21 format now. So, when we need an extension of the CBS MARC 21 format or a new tag is defined by the MAC (MARC Advisory Committee), we already know what the CBS MARC 21 and CBS MARC 21 PICA+ tags will be.
  • Tag descriptions marked with purple are specific OCLC MARC 21 (WorldCat) tags.

For more MARC 21 documentation:


M21 tag Description CBS MARC tag - main/master level PICA+ tag -main/master level CBS MARC tag -
local level
PICA+ tag -
local level
CBS MARC 21 tag -
copy level
PICA+ tag -
copy level
300   M300 040A L300 140A C300 240A
301   M301 040B L301 140B C301 240B
302   M302 040C L302 140C C302 240C
303   M303 040D L303 140D C303 240D
304   M304 040E L304 140E C304 240E
305   M305 040F L305 140F C305 240F
306   M306 040G L306 140G C306 240G
307   M307 040H L307 140H C307 240H
308   M308 040I L308 140I C308 240I
309   M309 040J L309 140J C309 240J
310   M310 040K L310 140K C310 240K
311   M311 040L L311 140L C311 240L
312   M312 040M L312 140M C312 240M
313   M313 040N L313 140N C313 240N
314   M314 040O L314 140O C314 240O
315   M315 040P L315 140P C315 240P
316   M316 040Q L316 140Q C316 240Q
317   M317 040R L317 140R C317 240R
318   M318 040S L318 140S C318 240S
319   M319 040T L319 140T C319 240T
320   M320 040U L320 140U C320 240U
321   M321 040V L321 140V C321 240V
322   M322 040W L322 140W C322 240W
323   M323 040X L323 140X C323 240X
324   M324 040Y L324 140Y C324 240Y
325   M325 040Z L325 140Z C325 240Z
326   M326 041A L326 141A C326 241A
327   M327 041B L327 141B C327 241B
328   M328 041C L328 141C C328 241C
329   M329 041D L329 141D C329 241D
330   M330 041E L330 141E C330 241E
331   M331 041F L331 141F C331 241F
332   M332 041G L332 141G C332 241G
333   M333 041H L333 141H C333 241H
334   M334 041I L334 141I C334 241I
335 Extension Plan M335 041J L335 141J C335 241J
336 Content Type M336 041K L336 141K C336 241K
337   M337 041L L337 141L C337 241L
338   M338 041M L338 141M C338 241M
339   M339 041N L339 141N C339 241N
340   M340 041O L340 141O C340 241O
341   M341 041P L341 141P C341 241P
342   M342 041Q L342 141Q C342 241Q
343   M343 041R L343 141R C343 241R
344   M344 041S L344 141S C344 241S
345   M345 041T L345 141T C345 241T
346   M346 041U L346 141U C346 241U
347   M347 041V L347 141V C347 241V
348 Format of Notated Music M348 041W L348 141W C348 241W
349   M349 041X L349 141X C349 241X
350   M350 041Y L350 141Y C350 241Y
351   M351 041Z L351 141Z C351 241Z
352   M352 042A L352 142A C352 242A
353   M353 042B L353 142B C353 242B
354   M354 042C L354 142C C354 242C
355   M355 042D L355 142D C355 242D
356   M356 042E L356 142E C356 242E
357   M357 042F L357 142F C357 242F
358   M358 042G L358 142G C358 242G
359   M359 042H L359 142H C359 242H
360 Complex See Also Reference – Subject M360 042I L360 142I C360 242I
361   M361 042J L361 142J C361 242J
362   M362 042K L362 142K C362 242K
363   M363 042L L363 142L C363 242L
364   M364 042M L364 142M C364 242M
365   M365 042N L365 142N C365 242N
366   M366 042O L366 142O C366 242O
367   M367 042P L367 142P C367 242P
368 Other Attributes of Person or Corporate Body / Other Corporate Body Attributes M368 042Q L368 142Q C368 242Q
369   M369 042R L369 142R C369 242R
370 Associated Place M370 042S L370 142S C370 242S
371 Address M371 042T L371 142T C371 242T
372 Field of Activity M372 042U L372 142U C372 242U
373 Associated Group M373 042V L373 142V C373 242V
374 Occupation M374 042W L374 142W C374 242W
375 Gender M375 042X L375 142X C375 242X
376 Family Information M376 042Y L376 142Y C376 242Y
377 Associated Language M377 042Z L377 142Z C377 242Z
378 Fuller Form of Personal Name M378 043A L378 143A C378 243A
379   M379 043B L379 143B C379 243B
380 Form of work M380 043C L380 143C C380 243C
381 Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression M381 043D L381 143D C381 243D
382 Medium of Performance M382 043E L382 143E C382 243E
383 Numeric Designation of Musical Work M383 043F L383 143F C383 243F
384 Key M384 043G L384 143G C384 243G
385 Audience Characteristics1 M385 043H L385 143H C385 243H
386 Creator/Contributor Characteristics2 M386 043I L386 143I C386 243I
387   M387 043J L387 143J C387 243J
388 Time Period of Creation3 M388 043K L388 143K C388 243K
389   M389 043L L389 143L C389 243L
390   M390 043M L390 143M C390 243M
391   M391 043N L391 143N C391 243N
392   M392 043O L392 143O C392 243O
393   M393 043P L393 143P C393 243P
394   M394 043Q L394 143Q C394 243Q
395   M395 043R L395 143R C395 243R
396   M396 043S L396 143S C396 243S
397   M397 043T L397 143T C397 243T
398   M398 043U L398 143U C398 243U
399   M399 043V L399 143V C399 243V


1. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
2. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
3. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.