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Create a custom report

Queries are used in Web Intelligence to access data. Rather than having to know the specifics of formal Structured Query Language (SQL), you only need to know which universe that you want is stored in, the data object requested, and its basic relationships to get started.

Reports are built in the Query Panel using Report objects.

 Note: Report Designer times out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Create a query

In this example, you are going to create a report using the following objects in the Acquisitions universe:

  • Dimensions: Title, Publication Date, Shelving Location, Fund Name Level 1, Expended Amount
  • Measures: Expended Amount
Completed query in Report Designer
Completed query in Report Designer
  1. In the left navigation, click Report Launch Pad.
  2. Select Web Intelligence from the Applications drop-down list in the upper right-hand toolbar.
  3. Click the New button (New button).
  4. Double-click Universe.
  5. From the Universe dialog, double-click Acquisitions.
  6. In the Query Panel, expand the Title folder and then double-click Title and Publication Date. Title and Publication Date now appear in the Result Objects panel.
  7. Expand the Copy folder and then double-click Shelving Location. Shelving Location now appears in the Result Objects panel.
  8. From the Copy folder, expand the Received Date folder and then drag Received Date to the Query Filters panel.
  9. Expand the Budget / Fund folder and then double-click Fund Name Level 1. Fund Name Level 1 now appears in the Result Objects panel.
  10. Expand the Budget Transaction folder and then double-click Expended Amount. Expended Amount now appears in the Result Objects panel.
  11. Select Between from the Query drop-down list.
  12. Select Prompt from the Define filter type drop-down list (Define filter button) after each operand.
    Define filter type - Example
    Define filter type drop-down list
  13. Click Run Query.

Watch a video

Create a report (7:38)

Learn how to use WorldShare Report Designer to create a simple report.