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Why doesn't the Circulation Events Detail Report match the Circulation module's Item record Issued Count?

  • The Issued Count in the Circulation's Item record is different than the Checkout count that appears in the Circulation Events Detail report 
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation
  • WMS Analytics

There are multiple reasons  for this:

  • Checkout activity can be brought from a prior library automation system
  • The dates entered for your Circulation Events Detail report may not encompass all potential checkouts. 
  • When an item’s barcode is changed, Circulation will continue to use the same item record. The Item Statistics Issued Count represents all of the barcodes that an item has had in its WMS life. However, the Circulation Events Detail report records the barcode of the item at the time of the event so you’ll only see part of the picture. You can find the different codes (Circ IDs) to differentiate them using the Circulation Item Status or Events universes in Report Designer.
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