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About License Manager


Use WorldShare License Manager to:

  • Manage electronic resource license agreements including start and end dates, signed/unsigned quality, current or expired status, and so forth
  • Add terms of use and make them available to other systems such as WorldShare Interlibrary loan or Tipasa
  • Integrate vendor information with WorldShare Acquisitions
  • Add knowledge base collections within WorldShare Collection Manager to:
  • Manage electronic holdings, at both the title and at the collection level
  • Integrate your holdings with WorldCat Discovery (WorldCat WorldShare Management Services libraries)

View a workflow chart for License Manager in the OCLC Community Center. Requires access to the OCLC Community Center. See Sign in to the OCLC Community Center for more information.

Watch a video

Introduction to WorldShare License Manager

Run time: 10:17

This Introduction to WorldShare® License Manager video reviews the benefits of managing licensed and electronic resources and streamlining ERM workflows, as well as the system interface.


License Manager in the WorldShare interface


  1. Licenses: Create, search for, and edit licenses. Clone licenses.
  2. Templates: Create, search for, and edit templates for licenses. Publish templates.
  3. Collection Manager: Create and edit e-resource collections via knowledge base collections. (Also available in: Metadata > Collection Manager).
  4. Usage Data: Ingest COUNTER-compatible usage statistics for use by WorldShare Analytics.
  5. Vendors: Create and edit vendor information (For use in and available in: Acquisitions).

Configure alerts in the Admin tab


Set up alerts to help you maintain your licenses and/or notify other library staff. See WorldShare Admin, Alerts Management.