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Create a new license template

Learn how to create a template.


Create a license template for your use and make it public so other libraries can use it. There are two ways to create a license template:

  1. Create a new license template.
  2. Clone a template as "Private."

Watch a video

Create and manage templates

Run time: 5:30

This video covers how to create and manage templates in WorldShare® License Manager. Templates can be modified and reused and many are available representing standard vendors license terms. You can also create a new template that your library and others can use.


Create a template

To create a template, refer to a copy of the license from the vendor (licensor) and encode its terms into License Manager using the following steps:

  1. Expand Templates and click Create a Template.
  2. Select the License Level. Options include:
    1. Collection
    2. Title
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Fill out the template fields
  5. Click Save.

 Note:  Collections can only appear on Collection Level Licenses and Titles can only appear on Title Level Licenses.  If you change Levels when cloning a license or building a license from a template, the content will be removed. For example, if you clone a Collection Level License into a new Title Level License, the Collections from the original license will not be copied over into the Title Level License clone. Other license details, such as terms, will carry over.  

Complete the template fields


Fill out the general information for your template.

Field  Description
Name The name of the template.
Licensor Undefined until Collections are added. 

Choose the type of template you are creating:

  • Public:  Available for all libraries to use
  • Private: Only for use by your library. 

 Note:   This field will not be editable after you have saved the new template.

Description Any description notes for the template.
  • For Collection level licenses

Vendors group the titles libraries license into collections.  The collections in the Collection Lookup list are stored in the WorldCat knowledge base.

Add collections to a template:

  1. In the Collection Lookup list, type the collection you are looking for.  Search results appear automatically when you stop typing.
  2. In the search results, click Collection Name .The collection will then appear in the table to the right.
  3. Optional:  to edit the collection, click the Collection Name in the table.  For more information, see the Collection Manager documentation page.

Once you have added the Collection(s), the Licensor value under the General tab will be updated to the provider of the collection(s).   

  • For Title level licenses

Add Titles to a license:

  1. Click the Add Titles button to open the Add Titles modal.
  2. Search for Titles you would like to license:
    1. Search by Collection to see which titles are within a specific Collection.
    2. Search by Title to see titles from any Collection.
      • Use the Search Scope to narrow your results.
      • Use the checkboxes at the left of the table to select the title(s) you want to add to your license.
      • The count of the number of titles selected will appear at the bottom of the window.
    3. Click Reset to start over with your search and selections.
  3. Click Add to link the title(s) to your license. You will see the selected Titles in a table in the Titles accordion on your license.
    • Remove any unwanted titles, if needed.
    • Use the Add Titles button to add more titles.  
  4. Click Save. The titles are now attached to the license.


  • Each license is limited to 900 titles.
  • Titles can be added to a license from different collections.
Terms of Use (optional)
See Terms of Use.
Documents (optional)

Upload documents relevant to the template such as addendums, riders, notes, and so forth. To add a document:

  1. Click Choose File and locate the file.
  2. Click Upload.

Documents cannot exceed 10 MB.

Bookmarks (optional)

Add links to documents relevant to the template such as addendums, riders, notes, and so forth. To add a link to a template:

  1. Enter a URL into the text field. Supported URL protocols are: HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.
  2. Click Add.
Comments (optional)

Add Comments.

  1. Click in the Add Comment box to add a comment about the template.
  2. Click Add.
The History accordion will be available after a license is created. History provides details about changes to the template. 
Survey Data (trials)

See Trial license survey with response goal tracking.


Remember to click Save after altering any settings.

Use template actions

To perform a template action, Search for a template and select an action from Template Actions drop-down list: