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About Collection Evaluation

Find an overview of the interface and the features available in WorldShare Collection Evaluation.


Collection Evaluation provides quick, efficient access to information about local library collections. Using cooperative data, Collection Evaluation allows you to keep track of the quality and diversity of your institution's holdings on an ongoing basis, including not only the quantity of titles you have on specific subjects, but also how the depth and variety of your titles compares to other institutions.

Your institution's holdings are updated on a weekly basis. You can view when your holdings were last updated by navigating to Collection Evaluation > My Library.

Within the WorldShare interface, navigate to Analytics > Collection Evaluation.

In this area, you can open:

Collection Evaluation interface



  1. My Library allows you to view an analysis of your holdings in WorldCat based on the OCLC Subject Conspectus.
  2. My Comparisons allows you to view comparisons for your library, access benchmarking and unique/shared titles, and export the Comparison Title List.
  3. Manage Comparisons allows you to create, search for, edit, and export comparisons for your institution. Use comparisons to view your institution's WorldCat holdings against the holdings of other institutions.

 Note: WMS libraries have access to the My Library tab. For full Collection Evaluation functionality, which includes access to the My Comparisons and Manage Comparisons tabs, use the WorldShare Collection Evaluation Quote Request form to request a quote.




Watch a video

Getting started with Collection Evaluation

Run time: 17:16

This video provides an overview of the interface and the features available in WorldShare Collection Evaluation.