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How do I add Laptops or other items to WMS for Circulation?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • Service Configuration 

In Record Manager locate a bib record in WorldCat for a laptop, if one has the correct publisher details ( brand and model of yours) then use that one, or otherwise derive a record from the closest match, then edit and add the details you require.

  1. You will notice you will need to use the 'object' as the format for these,as there is not an equipment format to use.
  2. If you have derived a bibliographic record - take note of the OCLC number created,  once you have saved your record in WorldCat.
  3. If you will keep these on a shelving location somewhere in library (location), so that you can set a 1 week loan against them  - but you need to create a new shelving location.
  4. Then log into Service Configuration  >  WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat LocalHolding Codes & Shelving Location Messages > expand the Holding Codes Translation Table > type in the new shelving location required.
  5. You will want to use a shelving name that has no more than 22 characters - so it sits on one line > Save changes > Logout of Service Configuration.
  6. Logout of WMS and back in to see the new shelving location in Circulation > Discover Items > look up OCLC number you've just created > using the scope  All WorldCat  > Select Title > Add item > Add in the required details > Save.
  7. Add all the laptops as required.

Now you will need to setup a 1 week loan policy (or the length of time you require) for these items in Service Configuration, if you do not already have one.

  1. Loan Limit policy  (allowing 1 item to be loaned only).
  2. Loan Limit Matrix  (who this limit policy applies to)
  3. Loan Policy (1 week loan policy or duration you require for these items) 
  4. Loan Policy Map (who this rule applies to, what material type, branch, shelving location & Loan Policy).
  5. Use arrows to ensure this new rule is above the ALL, ALL, ALL, Default policy options  & then set the Location Policy > Save each screen before you go to the next.
  6. Ensure you have a corresponding Notification & Overdue Bill Policy for these items.
Additional information

We have information on setting up a new loan policy here: Loan PolicyLoan Policy MapLoan Limit MatrixLoan Limit Policy

As well as creating a new shelving location: Where can I create a new shelving location?


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