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Set up integration

Learn how to configure integration between ReShare and WorldShare Circulation.

Before you begin

  • Authorize ReShare to access WorldShare Management Services.
  • Contact your ReShare support desk for assistance in updating your configuration for the WMS2 integration. You may need to:
    • Update to the latest version of ReShare.
    • Update your ReShare configuration.

Borrowing configuration

Determine the Item Holding Location and Shelving Location to be used for temporary items created in WorldShare Circulation. This will determine which Circulation policies will be invoked for ILL requests. This location will be entered into the ILL Settings section of the WorldShare Circulation module of the Service Configuration in the final step of enabling integration.

Borrowing policy considerations

Policy Considerations
Circulation Notification Policy

Determine which notifications to send to patrons.

Circulation notices:

  • Bill Notification
  • Hold Pickup Notification
  • Hold Shelf Expiry Notification
  • Loan Overdue Notification
  • Recall Notifications

Loan Policy

Long Overdue Policy

Loan Policy Map

Determine billing, loan periods, renewals, and recalls for ILL items.

Hold Limit Policy

Hold Limit Matrix

Determine the number of items that can be placed on hold for your patrons.

Hold Request Policy

Hold Request Policy Map

Determine how long hold requests remain active and the holds forwarding policy for libraries with multiple locations or branches.

 Note: Circulation will not notify ReShare if a borrowing hold expires.

Hold Fulfillment Policy

Hold Fulfillment Policy Map
Determine pick-up notice and hold shelf expiration date for ILL items.
Collection Type Policy Determine item availability, hold fulfillment availability, and the reshelving period for items in your Item Holding Location and Shelving Location to be used for temporary items.

Lending configuration

Create one or more generic patron accounts in order to check-out materials that will be lent to other institutions.

  1. From the Admin module, click on User Management and select New User.
  2. Enter the required information: Barcode, Patron Type, and Home Branch.
    1. Patron Type can be used to impact how policies are mapped.
  3. Optional. Enter an email address associated with a staff account to receive notifications about lending requests.

Lending policy considerations

Policy Considerations
Circulation Notification Policy

If desired, set up notifications for overdue materials to go to the staff account setup for borrowing institutions. 

Circulation notices will be sent to the email address included on the institution patron account set up by your institution.

  • Bill Notification
  • Loan Overdue Notification
  • Recall Notification
Patron Type Policy

You may wish to create a new Patron Type Policy specifically for the ReShare lending account(s).

 Note: All limits should be set to No Limit to avoid the account being blocked.

Loan Policy

Loan Policy Map

Determine billing, loan periods, renewals, and recalls for ILL items.

Enable integration

After completing the above steps, enable ReShare integration.

 Caution: Activating features on this page is the final step, assuming that your ReShare configuration is also complete. Integration will be active based on the configured settings after this page is saved.

  1. Navigate to the Integrations section of the WMS Circulation module of the OCLC Service Configuration.
  2. Select ILL Settings and locate the ReShare section. Refer to ILL Settings for more information.
  3. Select Yes under Enable.
  4. Specify the Temporary Item Holding Location and the Temporary Item Shelving Location.
  5. Click Save.