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Renew items

Learn how to renew items.

You can renew items from a patron's record and, unlike when you change the due date for an item, WorldShare Circulation tracks the number of renewals performed for reporting purposes. You can also set policies, based on patron type, material type, and shelving location, on the number of renewals allowed as well as automatically-calculated renewal periods. 

In the left panel Assist Patrons area, scan or type the patron barcode in the Enter barcode box. If you type the number, click Go or press <Enter>. The Checkout tab of the patron record appears.

Renew items

  1. Choose the item to renew:
    • To renew specific items, select the check box (first column on the left) for each item to renew.
    • To renew all items, select the check box at the top of the column.
  2. Click Renew (lower left).

The Renewal Count column (at right) shows the number of times each item has been renewed.

Renew with custom due date

Watch a video

Renew item (04:13)

In circulation you can renew items for patrons. First, locate the patron record and then select the item(s) to renew.