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I ordered a multipart set as a serial and have received and invoiced the item. How do I add a holding and copy information?

  • Add a WorldCat holding and items to a multipart set
Applies to
  • WorldShare Acquisitions 
  • WorldShare Circulation 

After receiving and invoicing a multipart set in WorldShare Acquisitions, follow these steps to add a WorldCat holding and items to a multipart set: 

  1. Use Discover Items under the Circulation or Acquisitions tab to find the item and click Add Multipart Set from the copies view. Fill in the required information and add the multipart set. This will add a WorldCat Holding to the item. 
  2. After adding a multipart set, click Receive Item from the copies view to Add an Item. 
Additional information

Additional information about adding a multipart set and items to a multipart set can be found on the Edit multipart items help page. 

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