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Create and select exchange rates

Discover how to create an exchange rate and select it for use.

Create an exchange rate

  1. On the left navigation, click Settings > Exchange Rates.
  2. Click Create Rate. The Create Exchange Rate dialog opens.
  3. From the Create Exchange Rate dialog, complete the following fields.
    • Foreign Currency - Select the foreign currency for which you want to enter an exchange rate from the drop-down list.
    • Exchange Rate - Enter the exchange rate between that currency and your home institution's currency. This is the exchange rate you have arranged to use when ordering or invoicing a vendor.
  4. Click Save. The newly created exchange rate, date, and user who created the exchange rate appear in the table of exchange rates.

Select an exchange rate

Click Use Current Rate when working with an order or an invoice to populate the Exchange Rate field in an order or invoice with the value from the Exchange Rates table. If no exchange rate for the currency exists in the Exchange Rates table, the exchange rate will be retrieved from the OCLC exchange rate service layer.