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Configure publication pattern

Discover how to set a publication pattern for a serial in WorldShare Acquisitions.


  • You must have started receiving a serial before you can set its publication pattern. For more information, see Serial issue workflow, below.
  • Changing a publication pattern affects all WMS Acquisitions libraries that use it. Make sure any changes are accurate.

Serial issue workflow

  1. Create (add) issue
    1. Required before doing 2, 3, or 4
    2. Created by any WMS Acquisitions library
  2. Start receiving
    1. Indicates you plan to start receiving. Also, triggers claiming notices.
    2. Required before doing 3
  3. Set publication pattern
  4. Receive issue
    1. Received by any WMS Acquisitions library

Configure publication patterns

  1. Search for the serial in the Discover items area on the left panel.
  2. From the search results, click the serial's title.
  3. Click Manage Issues tab.
  4. In the upper left corner of the screen, below the Add issue button, click Edit or the pencil icon. The Publication Settings window appears.
  5. In the Publication Settings window, select an option from the Publication Frequency list
    • All publication patterns require Chronology of most recent issue to have more than the year (e.g. month year, season year, etc.).
    • Seasons are not allowed for the Chronology of 3/Year.
    Publication Frequencies and default volume and number/issue settings - Table

    Changing the publication frequency changes the default settings and the Most Recent and Next Predicted issues below the table in the Publication Frequency window.

    Publication frequency   Description Default settings

    Increments after

    (Issue/number after which volume increments)

    Resets after

    (Issue/number after which volume resets to 1)

    Resets after

    (Issue/number after which issue/number resets to 1)

    Annual Once per year 1 Never 1
    Bimonthly Once every two months 6 Never 6
    Biweekly Once every two weeks 26 Never 26
    Daily Once every day 365 Never 365
    Every 2 Years Once every two years 2 Never 2
    Every 3 Years Once every three years 2 Never 2
    Monthly Once per month 12 Never 12
    Quarterly Once every three months 4 Never 4
    Semiannual Twice per year 2 Never 2
    Weekly Once per week 52 Never 52
    3/Year Three times per year 3 Never 3
  6. You will see a display of Predicted issues. Check carefully to ensure that the pattern is correct. Adjust as needed.
  7. Click Save. The publication pattern is set. The next time a WMS Acquisitions library receives an issue, the system automatically generates the next issue, so it can be received or claimed by your library. 



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