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Pay an invoice

Find an invoice

  1. On the left panel, click Invoices.
  2. Click Invoices. The Invoices screen displays all invoices by default.
  3. On the Invoices screen you can view invoices by Payment Status, Vendor, or retrieve them based on Invoice Number.
    • View by Vendor: Use the Vendor filter (under the search box) to search for invoices from a specific vendor, multiple vendors, or all vendors.
    • View by Payment Status: Use the Payment Status filter (under the search box) to see Open, Paid, Ready, or All invoices.
    • Retrieve by Invoice Number: Type the Invoice Number in the search box in the upper left corner of the screen.

Search results

Open invoices display by default.

  1. Use the Payment Status list (upper right corner of screen) to see Open, Paid, Ready for Payment or All invoices.

Pay invoice

  1. From the list of invoices, click the Invoice Number.
  2. Edit the invoice if needed.
  3. When ready click Pay.
  4. The Pay Invoice window asks if you want to proceed. Click Yes to confirm.
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