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SCS and GreenGlass training

Understand GreenGlass

Watch a series of videos

This series of short videos provides overviews of many GreenGlass features. Learn how searching works, to understand HathiTrust Matches and URLs, to understand the extent your print and electronic editions of the same title overlap, and much more.  

Group Features

Watch a series of videos

This series explains how group functionality works in GreenGlass. Learn about shared-print projects, retention model builder,title sets and holdings, post-allocation features and how to adjust retention commitments. 

Individual library features

Watch a series of videos

This series of videos helps you understand key metrics, analysis, collection visualization, item lists and item details.

Preparing for a GreenGlass project

Watch a series of videos

This series of videos answers frequently asked questions about the SCS Cataloging/Data Questionnaire and the required Code Keys, describes the catalog extract required for an SCS/GreenGlass project, and helps Sustainable Collection Services® libraries build their list of library comparators.

Register shared print retention commitments

View a recorded session

The OCLC shared print registration option streamlines the process of registering shared print group retention commitments. This recorded training covers the steps to register your shared print retention commitments.


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