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Configure SDI subjects

Discover how to configure SDI subjects in OLIB.

►Cataloguing Reference Data > Subject Types
►Cataloguing > Subject Headings

In order for SDI to function, some or all Subject headings in the database need to be flagged as SDI subjects. Choose from 3 different ways to achieve this:

SDI subject type

When entering Subjects, assign them to the predefined Subject Type SDI Term. All subjects of this type will be flagged as SDI terms. Potentially the user may have a very long list of subjects to choose from however.

Configure a specific subject type as an SDI type

All Subjects belonging to the Subject Type, will be available for SDI. It allows the end user to have a succinct list of Subjects, but the cataloguer must ensure that a subject of this type is added to each Title.

  1. Go to Subject Types.
  2. Search for the relevant type to be used for SDI.
  3. Switch the record to modify mode and set the SDI Type? field to Yes.
  4. Save the changes and repeat for any further Subject Types.

Simply add the SDI subject headings in the Subject Headings domain, using one of the SDI subject types. Subjects with a subject type which is flagged as an SDI Type will be included in the list of available SDI subject headings when the user edits his/her SDI profile in the OPAC.

Subject headings SDI flag

Alternatively, or in addition, you can use the Subject Headings record itself to indicate whether a subject should be treated as an SDI subject. This is particularly effective when used with a structured Thesaurus.

  1. Go to the Subjects domain, either directly from the Menu or from the Titles domain.
  2. Switch the record to modify mode and set the SDI Subject field to Yes.
  3. Save the changes.

Subjects with this flag will also be treated as SDI subject headings.

 Note: You can set this to Yes for any subjects that don't have one of the SDI subject types.