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Create keyword index

Learn how to build or drop an index in OLIB.

The Keyword index is used in the Titles domain and in the OPAC, where the Keyword search searches several fields in the bibliographic record.

The keyword index is created as part of the upgrade/installation process and it is only necessary to recreate it if the fields to be indexed are changed.

 Caution: for further information please contact your OCLC consultant or Support.

You only need to build the indexes which are in use – for a standard system this is:

Main Word Index, Keyword Index 2, Keyword Index 3, Keyword Index 4 and the Authors Keyword Index 1.

If you have previously configured any of your own Keyword Indexes – then you will need to build them as well if you have made changes to settings.

 Caution: you are advised to rebuild the Keyword indexes only at a time when there is likely to be limited use of OLIB. While the keyword indexes are being built then you will find:

  • Keyword searches in Folio and OLIB Web will not work
  • Records will be locked for indexing so no cataloguing should take place
  • The system may slow during the build process

Depending on the size of your database, the keyword index typically takes 30-60 minutes to build.

Rebuild a keyword index

  1. Go to System Administration> Keyword Indexes.
  2. Select an Index and in Other Actions click on the process to use:
  • Build Index (Foreground): In OLIB Web this will not present results until completed. It is recommended you do not refresh the browser as it may submit the build again. The background option is recommended.
  • Build Index (Background): This allows you to continue using your OLIB client while the index is building. This also allows you to set several indexes running and they will follow each other sequentially.
  • Drop Index: This is used in preparation for importing large quantities of MARC or OLSTF data. It is normally used only when the whole catalogue is being refreshed, or for a new customer's initial data conversion.

Build in progress message:

Build Start field populated

Completed build message:

Build End and Build Result fields are populated