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OCLC Support

Keyword search defaults

Discover settings that effect keyword searching in OLIB.

Access OLIB defaults and edit settings

 Note: These are settings that affect the operation of OLIB as a whole and are only accessible to System Managers.

  1. In the Menu go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults.
  2. Click the Defaults record to display the details.
  3. Click modify record to make changes.

Available Keyword search defaults

Field Description
Minimum Score No change is required in this field - the setting should no longer be implemented in OLIB; it is now redundant.
Use Oracle Normalisation Rules

If set to Yes (or NULL) the Keyword Index uses Oracle’s standard normalisation rule set. This must be set to Yes in order to pick up the Keyword Stop Words.

 Caution: do not set to No without first consulting with OCLC Support.