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About daystart

Discover an introduction to Daystart processing in OLIB.

►System Administration

OLIB requires overnight tasks to be run every day to perform various calculations off-line and to perform time consuming tasks which are best done during non peak periods. A module called Daystart is therefore run once a day sometime after midnight to do the following:

  • Process loan statistics
  • Generate fines
  • Run any site-specific tasks
  • Process overdues and recalls
  • Process claims
  • Process SDI alerts
  • Run other processes, including recalculating expiry dates, overdue counts, reservations, etc.

Daystart processing should complete before library staff commence operations for the day.

Regular checks

In System Administration you should check if Daystart has run on a regular basis: Check daystart output

System Administration  
Daystart Logs Click here to display recent logs
Daystart Settings Lists the configurable settings
OLIB Defaults Check when daystart last ran
Edit daystart defaults
Enable/disable daystart

Configurable options

There are also a number of daystart configurable options that may require occasional editing, if for example you need to set the path for an import file.

Daystart scripts

Daystart performs the above tasks by running a set of scripts. You can enable or disable these with caution.

The scheduled task

The file or Daystart.bat is a file on the OLIB server that is scheduled via the operating system. The I.T. department in your organisation should be aware of this.

On Windows systems, the task is typically run every 24 hours using the Windows task scheduler -at. Here is an example of the at command, which should be issued at an operating system prompt:

at 0:30 /every:M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su %OLIB_HOME%\daystart\dodaystart.bat

On UNIX systems, the task is typically scheduled using cron.