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Daystart scripts

Discover the scripts run daily by Daystart in OLIB.

►System Administration> OLIB Defaults

Daystart scripts are stored in the database. They are retrieved from the database when Daystart runs.

View daystart scripts

  1. To view the scripts go to OLIB Defaults.
  2. Display the Daystart sheet.

Below Daystart Defaults, the Daystart Scripts are listed. These are hyperlinks to their log record(s) and are displayed in the order in which Daystart processes them.

In OLIB Web you can configure:

  • which scripts are run in Daystart - by using the Enable/Disable actions. Select the box of the relevant script and in Actions select Enable/Disable
  •  Caution: it is recommended you do not disable/enable scripts without advice from OCLC Support since this could have significant functional impact

Each line displays the following elements for  each script:

Name Script name
Description Summarizes purpose of the script giving an indication of the likely impact if the task fails to complete successfully.
Enabled Yes / No whether currently enabled. Most scripts are enabled by default. The scripts nearer the bottom of the list that are marked Mandatory cannot be disabled because they are fundamental to the Daystart process.

Output from Daystart scripts

The output from the various Daystart scripts is uploaded to the database. These log files include significant process tracking and error logging information, which is required by the OCLC Help Desk if a fault is reported with the daystart processes. OCLC Support will advise on which log file is required depending on which of the daystart components has failed.

Enable trace information

You can enable tracing on a per script basis. The tracing is enabled in the OLIB Defaults domain and the output is then visible in the individual scripts log files in Daystart Logs.

Enable tracing:

  1. Go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults.
  2. On the Daystart sheet in the Daystart Scripts list, check the box of the script for which you wish to enable tracing.
  3. From Actions select Enable tracing at Level.

View the tracing output

  • After Daystart has run, you can view the tracing/logging output from OLIB Defaults:
  1. Go to System Administration> OLIB Defaults.
  2. On the Daystart sheet in the Daystart Scripts list click the link on the required script - an automatic search displays the Daystart logs for that script:
Script Name Start Date/Time Elapsed Time (secs) End Date/Time
rp007  08:18:22 (25-Jun-2020)  3 08:18:25
  •    Alternatively after Daystart has run, you can view the tracing/logging output in Daystart Logs:          
  1. Go directly to System Administration> Daystart Logs.
  2. By default OLIB displays "Today's" logs. Use Other Searches to change the search if ever required.
  3. Click on the link to view the log information.

OCLC Support may request you to check Log File Details to resolve a problem.