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Data Exchange

Discover the 9 fixes and 5 enhancements relating to Data Exchange in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15


IMS Ref Description

It would be useful to provide a standard sheet for several domains to include data relating to 3rd party exchanges and/or identifiers.

A new layout called "Third-Party Sync. Information" has been provided in Titles to assist with diagnosis of any potential problems in this area.



MARC export to include longer abstract content.

The MARC export will now include the first 3,990 bytes of the abstract content, followed by "..." if truncated. Providing larger output (up to the ISO-2709 maximum 9,990) will require significant further development.



WorldCat metadata API authentication must be switched to OAuth 2.0.



The data sync response files are changing name, purpose and format in September, 2020.

The new formats are now handled automatically. Processing for the old formats is no longer supported.

FHL, Colombia


Provide for a method of exporting all bib records from OLIB Web.

This has been provided by adding an action to Title Sets to carry out the export of records, similar to the export from personal folders.


Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

When the autoimport fails with an uncaught exception the whole job drops out rather than continuing with those which can work.

This has ben adjusted so that any other import jobs are still attempted and improved so that the activity can be traced for diagnostic purposes.



External searches against Library of Congress fail.

This has been remedied with a caveat that the Library of Congress server will time out the connection after one minute of inactivity. Any records not retrieved within this time will require a new search in order to retrieve. This can result in the search seemingly losing results as the number of hits is reduced in order to avoid encountering errors in attempting to display records that were not retrieved.

Logos, FamilySearch


The fixed MARC fields data entry does not work.

North East Scotland College


WorldCat Synch email says 0 titles processed when (some) were synchronised.

The email has also been improved to improve its usefulness.


The CONTENTdm synchronisation process was broken by changes to the data sync file processing.



MARC Import fails will little or no information (even in debug mode) if the MARC mapping specifies an effectively duplicate removal of the tag/subfield/indicator.

North East Scotland College


MARC Import does not match by ISN.

North East Scotland College


CONTENTdm synchronisation fails to retrieve the CDM ids following supply of the data to CDM.



An unexpected error can occur when attempting to synchronise holdings with WorldCat resulting in the sync being disabled.