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Discover the 3 fixes and 3 enhancements relating to Circulation in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15


IMS Ref Description

The SIP2 server did not support error checking.

This has been verified using the widely available "SIP Testing Tool"



The <ITEMS> element of the rtf overdues needs to be in tabular form to be able to handle longer titles.

The RTF overdues facility has been replaced by PDF output capabilities in the Reports module. This provides for much greater control over the format and content of the results without the need to edit an RTF template or Output Format.

A new report can be supplied should this be required.


OLB-15413 Extend time zone recognition to Short/Hourly loan circulation and fines


Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

User expiry messages and return dates when issuing/renewing loan items needs to be made consistent.



The SIP Server records the wrong user in the Changed By column in the copy's Update Audit Trail. It records the first user to have used the SIP Server since it was re-started.


Self-checkout machine connectivity problems.

The SIP2 service has been rewritten using an entirely new and more portable technology.




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