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Discover the 2 fixes and 2 enhancements relating to Acquisitions in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15


IMS Ref Description
OLB-13786 The supplier default discount should be applied when records are ingested using the EDI Quotes (MARC) method to automate the placement of orders.

The "New" link is now available on the supplier field in the Titles and Order layouts.



Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

Issue saving and continuing on order item screen.

The intervening message that shows in this situation has been revised for clarity, asking if the user has completed their work. If "Yes", the work is saved otherwise the user is returned to editing the record.


Refining an Order Items search by a field on the Ordered For User does not work.

This has been simplified a little to avoid the unusable intermediate filter option for the "Ordered For" domain. The user can now select the Users domain directly from the Order Items refinement list.