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Discover the 6 updates relating to Accessibility in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15


IMS Ref Description

Where known, the language of any provided text must be flagged with an appropriate HTML language code.

Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

OLIB Web misuses the tabindex values - they should be zero or -1 only.

To address this, a review of the tabindex usage was carried out and suitable remedies made in several areas.


The selections handling for the sheet editor (layout manager) must be reworked for HTML validity.

This has been adjusted to avoid the usage of undefined attributes in order to assist parsing of the pages by screen reader software.


It is now possible to tab to the modify and annotations buttons after they are displayed on the hitlist.


It must be possible to recognise required fields without the use of colour.

An asterisk has been added to the display and appears to the right of required fields.


The permalink icon is not large enough to comply with accessibility guidelines.
This has been redesigned and also now scales with the browser zoom.