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About locations

Discover an introduction to library locations in OLIB.

►Cataloguing Reference Data
►User Management Reference Data

Locations data is required for the Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Circulation and Serials modules.

Locations detail the different physical and virtual sites of your library and information service. They are used in the Catalogue module to specify the site at which the copy of a title is held and in the Circulation module to specify the site to which a User is registered. Information held about opening hours is used by the Circulation module to help calculate correct return dates. The location address and contact name information will display on printed reports such as overdue notices and orders.

At least one Location record must exist created in the Locations domain.

Specific Users can be given the ability to change their logged in Location if required without having to log out of OLIB.

A number of additional Reference Data domains may be used when creating Location information. These should be created prior to creating your Locations and include Location Types, Areas, Address Types and Shelves .