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OLIB reference data

Find OLIB reference data.

OLIB Reference Data

MARC variant & MARC mappings for e-books

OLIB is shipped with a MARC variant for e-books. From the Data Exchange Reference Data domain of the Menu, run a MARC Variants search. You will see that an E-books MARC is present.

A set of mappings for this MARC variant is also available. From the Data Exchange Reference Data

domain of the Menu, run a MARC21 Mappings search – this search is case sensitive.

Record Source

We advise that you create a record source to use when importing this file – the record source can later be used as a filter option to allow you to find the titles and edit or delete them as required.

Launch a Record Source Codes search in the Cataloguing Reference Data section of the menu.


Click on New Record and create your record source. Enter a Key ID and a Short and Long description. In the example below, a Key ID of JISC has been entered and JISC E-Books has been entered in the Short desc and Long desc fields.

The Priority Flag field allows you to set a priority to determine whether duplicate records imported from one record source (such as WorldCat) should take priority over records imported from another record source. For the purpose of importing e-books from JISC, we advise that this field is set to 5.

Save the record.