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Create a collection media type

Learn how to create a Media Type for CONTENTdm collections in OLIB.

►Cataloguing Reference Data> Media Types
►Admin Client Configuration> Layouts

Catalogue records for the CONTENTdm collection would normally belong to a dedicated Media Type. As part of set up, a new Media Type should be created. This can then be used in Title Sets to define a set for CONTENTdm records which will exclude other Media Types.

 Note: a new Media Type makes it easier to define the Title Set and to apply CONTENTdm attributes to your preferred cataloguing layout. This information assumes such an implementation but it is optional.

Other options
Media Type is not the only way the digital collection titles can be associated with a Title Set. For example a Location or Copy Status or Copy Category could be created called "Online in CONTENTdm". This would, however, mean creating  Copy records with that Location / Status / Category in order to include the Title in the Title Set.

Create new Media Type

  1. Go to Catalogue Reference Data>Media Types.
  2. Create a new record with a Description of e.g. Image (Available in CONTENTdm).
  3. Save the details.
  4. Wait for Daystart to next run on your system. This runs a script which generates a new Info Type based on the above new Media Type.

Make the new Media Type available for your cataloguing layout

  1. After Daystart has run, go to Admin Client Configuration> Layouts.
  2. From Other Searches choose Search on Layout Domain.
  3. Search for the Titles cataloguing layout that you will be using for the digital collection, e.g.

Layout Domain: Titles
Layout Name: General

  1. Open the details of the layout in modify record. On the Info Types sheet, in the top section, OLIB displays Info Types already available for use in this layout:
InfoType Default User
Books Y System Administrator
  1. In Possible Info Types, your new Media Type should be listed. To include it with the above list of available Info Types, check the box.
  2. From Actions select Attach.
  3. Click Save and Close. The new Media Type is listed in the top with others available to this Layout.

When cataloguing using the above layout, the Media Type will now be available for your digital collection items.

The next step is to link this Media Type to a CONTENTdm Title Set.