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User photo

Discover how to add a user photo to the circ. desk screen in OLIB.

►Circ. Desk

It is possible to include a field on the Issues/Returns/Renewals screen that displays the user's photo, normally on the right hand side following the User and Copy fields. This is made possible by adding the field to I/R/R and also attaching an imagefor each User’s record.

 Caution: this feature is only available in OLIB Web. If WorldView is used for Issues/Returns, the User Photo field must not be added to the I/R/R screen. If it is included, you will not be able to open the I/R/R screen in WorldView.

  • The image must be accessible as an http reference to the currently logged in user
  • To create a draft sheet of I/R/R you need to go to Admin Client Configuration> Layouts

Configure the user photo in the following order.

Add the User Photo field to the I/R/R screen

  1. To create a draft sheet from Issues/Returns/Renewals you need to go to Admin Client Configuration> Layouts to do this.
  2. Create a draft sheet of the Issues/Returns/Renewals sheet as described in Edit layouts from the menu.
  3. Click on Control Details to list the full set of controls for iss_userimage:
Field Recommended value
Text [NULL]
Attribute User Photo (iss_userimage)
Style Emphasised Edit
X Pos 0



AutoXPos Right
Height 120 (For the best results, assign in pixels; the width will vary depending on the dimensions of the image).
Right Margin 1
Auto Height Ensure this is set to No
Bottom Margin 20
Hide if Null Ensure this is set to No
Stretchy Ensure this is set to No
Mandatory Ensure this is set to No


Save your changes and reload the Circ Desk screen.


Add the Objects field to the Users layout

Using Layout Manager in the usual way, add the following attribute to the Users layout:

  • Objects (bo_objects attribute)

The suggested placement is following Surname / Forename. Provide a suitable "Label" (field name for the Photo, e.g. "Photo url").

Add textual locator to the Users' records

Once the new attribute is available in the User's domain, the URL linking to the User's photo needs to be recorded in each user record.

 Note: alternatively, this data can be imported using OLSTF Users import.

  1. Click New in the Photo url field:
  2. From the drop downs, in Type select "World Wide Web File" .
  3. Set Locate by to "Textual":
  4. Enter the URL in the Locator field e.g. https://media.licdn.commedia/p/1/005...19/146b395.jpg
  5. Save the changes to the User record.
  6. When entering the User's Barcode in the Circ. Desk screen, the User's image should now display.

Import using OLSTF user import

The Data Tag list for importing Users includes a tag for importing User urls:


The data supplied with this tag in the import file should be formatted as follows -

OBJECT+ T WWW  http://....

OBJECT+ This is the Tag
T This is a Textual not a File Locator
Follow by one space      
WWW This is the Object Type code
Follow by two spaces      
http://...  This is the URL