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Link classes and subjects

Streamline workflow by linking a classmark to subject headings in OLIB.

A Classification number may be added to any Subject heading. If that Class number is then applied to a Title record, the linked Subject headings are automatically inserted into the Title record as well. The advantage of this feature is to save time and ensure consistency during the cataloguing process.

 Settings: for this function to operate the Link Classes option should be set to Yes in Admin Client Defaults.

  1. In Cataloguing> Classes search for or create the classification number.
  2. Search for and insert the relevant Subjects to be associated with this number.
  3. Save the details.

The Classmark will now display on the Subject heading record and the Subject heading will also display on the Classmark record.

When cataloguing a title, the linked Subject headings will display on the Title record once you add the Classmark and save the record:

Field     Data
Classes 336.2 DDC
Subjects Wage and salary administration Thesaurus

 Note: using the Subjects domain you can also create a link between a Subject and a Classmark.