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Edit and copy records

Learn about editing and copying catalogue records in OLIB.

Correct typing errors

Any field which is direct entry (e.g. Title, sub-title, edition) can be changed quite easily if mistakes have been made. For example if 'bulimia''has been spelt incorrectly in the title the consequence of this is that the title will not be retrieved by a keyword search for 'anorexia and bulimia'.

Enter modify mode and correct the error. Once the record has been saved the Keyword indexer will re-index it and the title can then be searched correctly.

Create close copy

This function allows the cataloguer to create a new title record which is a copy of an existing record in the database. All fields are copied except the ISBN, Universal Title (if present), and the details of any attached copies. It is particularly useful in acquisitions for ordering of new editions and for an easy method of adding annual reference works to stock.

  1. Search for the title to be copied in the normal way
  2. Check the box to select the title you want to copy.
  3. In Other Actions choose Create Close Copy.
  4. The title is copied immediately and the search refreshes automatically to show the new title.

It is clear which is the new duplicate record as it is normally filed below the original and has no information in the No. of Copies field.

The new title is likely to require editing, e.g. date of publication and ISBN needs to be added as the ISBN is not copied across from the old edition. Once all the bibliographic information has been changed the Availability / copy records can be created in the normal way (or if this record is for Acquisitions purposes, the number of copies can be ordered). If the old edition is to be discarded then that record can now be deleted.

OLIB copies across a default set of fields into the new duplicate record; however you can configure which fields are copied from the original record to the new duplicate record using Configure the Create Close Copy Fields.

Edit a series link or responsibility type

If an incorrect series has been linked to a title it should be removed and the correct one added. However if the series is correct but the numbering is not, this can be edited without removing the title/series link:

  1. Search for the title in the normal way, e.g. Titles by Series.
  2. Display the details of the record. In the Series field check the box to select it.

 Note: the title does not need to be in modify mode to run this process (but it does also run with the record in modify mode).

  1. In the Actions box select Edit link record.
  2. Switch the series link record to modify and edit the Volume/number as required
  3. Save the changes.

A similar method is available for changing a responsibility type (for example from Author to Editor):

  1. Search for the record whose responsibility type should be changed.
  2. Display the details of the record. In Names click on the button.

 Note: the title does not need to be in modify mode to run this process (but it does also run with the record in modify mode).

  1. In the Actions box select Edit Responsibility.
  2. Switch the relationship link record to modify and change to the correct responsibility type.
  3. Save the changes.

The catalogue process after acquisitions

When an item has been ordered through OLIB Acquisitions a basic catalogue record will have been created. This typically includes Title, Author, Publisher, Date & ISBN. When the item is checked in through Acquisitions copy records are created for each copy checked in. The information to be added to the title are items such as Classmark and Subject Headings as well as any changes to the basic cataloguing information entered when ordering. For the copy information a barcode may have been added at check-in. Information which often needs to be changed after cataloguing is the shelfmark (once the classmark has been allocated) and possibly the copy status (some libraries set items to In cataloguing at check in and change the status to Available just before they are added to the shelves).

Copy shelfmark generation

This process is valuable for cataloguing work post-acquisitions. The same process also can be used to generate new shelfmarks after re-classification of stock. The item checked in through acquisitions will have a copy record – but the shelfmark will be incorrect until the classmark is added.

There is a simple process to generate shelfmark using the Availability section of the title record or using the Copies domain.

Change copy status

The status of copies can be changed by one of the cataloguing Actions. For example from In Cataloguing to Available when it is ready for shelving.

  1. Once all the cataloguing and processing stages have been completed display the title record details.
  2. In Availability box to select it and change its status.
  3. In Actions choose Update copy status (avl/unavl.copies).
  4. Select Available from the list of copy statuses.

OLIB confirms that the status change succeeded.