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Catalogue update alerts

Learn how to set up alerts for when a catalogue record is updated in OLIB.

A Title Update Alert is available to notify library staff when a title record has been updated.

An Example Title Rec. Update Alert Notice (OP043) is supplied by default.

It is recommended that you create a close copy of the example notice and modify the copy as required.

  1. Go to Alerting> Notices.
  2. From Other Actions select Create Close Copy.

Some fields to note:

Field Examples
Transmit Type

Alerts can be sent to designated members of the Library team using these fields.

Transmit Type - To To list

From Address -

To List -

From Address
To List
Fields to Watch

Enter the fields of the title record that should trigger the alert. They are entered surrounded by a semi-colon ';'

For example ;Title;

Media Types

This is included on the Title Record Update Alert layout so that media-type-specific alerts can be configured. The media types should be added to this field as a semi-colon-separated list of media type key IDs

For example ;BKM;SER;

In this example, alerts will only be sent if book or serial records are updated.