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Audit trail

Discover how to view the audit trail of updates in the OLIB catalogue.

Audit trail of updates

►Searches > Titles
►Searches > Copies

A full audit trail of updates/changes made to Title and Copy records is retained in OLIB and can be viewed in those domains in the Titles Audit Trail tab and the Copies Acquisitions tab (if configured in layout manager).

Titles domain

In the Titles domain click on the tab Audit Trail. This sheet lists all the changes made to that Title record. In the Audit Trail, details of each change transaction include:

Field Description
Change Date the date and time on which the change was made.
Changed By the name of the person who was logged into OLIB when the change was made.
Changed Field the field that was change.
Old Value the value that the field was set to before it was updated.
New Value

the value that the field was set to after the change was saved.

By default this will exclude changes made by daystart or OLIBWVSYS. Optionally these can be displayed in a separate list called "System Changes".

The Titles Audit trail is available in two lists. The original Audit Trail attribute excludes changes made by daystart or OLIBWVSYS.
An additional attribute can be added to your Titles layouts to show the changes made by daystart or OLIBWVSYS:

  • Audit Trail (system updates)

You will then have 2 lists displayed:

Staff Changes

System Changes

Copies domain

In the Copies domain the System Administrator first needs to add the Audit Trail attribute to the layout using Layout Manager:

  • Audit Trail (co_audit_trail)

For example it can be added to the foot of the Acquisitions sheet.

Enable or disable a copies field for audit

In the Copies domain you can specify whether or not OLIB “fields” should be auditable or not auditable.

A field in the Admin Client Config> Attributes domain allows you  to enable / disable a field for auditing purposes: Configure Audited Fields.