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Find an overview of the Collection tab in GreenGlass.

Total Record Counts

Find the following record counts for Titles (bibliographic records) and Items (item records):

  • All Records: Tally of all of the print records that OCLC received from your library at the outset of the project.
  • All Records - Filtered: Tally of the entire extract minus records that have been filtered out of the GreenGlass analysis. Records that have been filtered out can be viewed via the Remediation tab. Records are filtered out for two primary reasons:
    1. Lack of valid OCLC number
    2. Out-of-scope due to their location or record type

Key Metrics 

The Key Metrics counts offer a few simple points of reference to consider as you begin to explore your collection. Throughout GreenGlass, 'recorded uses' represents ILS charges plus other internal use tallies you may have supplied in your extract, like historical browses, reshelving counts, or reading room loans, etc.  Your library is represented in blue.  


For every library project, several key metric tallies are presented:

  • Zero recorded uses    
  • Greater than 3 recorded uses    
  • Publications more than 10 years old    
  • More than 100 US holdings - same edition    
  • Fewer than five US holdings - any edition    
  • Unique in state or province - any edition    
  • In HathiTrust - in copyright    
  • In HathiTrust - public domain    
  • Possible duplicates    
  • Allocated for retention    
  • Special category
    • If your library defined categories of material that are of special import to the collection or the community, a description of those categories can be retrieved by clicking on the green (?) icon. Items that meet the specified conditions have been flagged. Note that as you build queries, you will have the opportunity to include, exclude, or isolate these special category items. For a list of these items, click on the hyperlinked tally and scroll down the page.  

Filtered items

The second column indicates the tally of filtered items based on the metric. Click on the green hyperlinked tally under the Filtered items column to be taken to the GreenGlass Query Builder and view a pre-populated list of items in the chosen category. Hide the Editor to view and scroll through the entire list.

Percentage of your filtered items and GreenGlass average    

In the third column, blue numbers reflect the percentage of the library’s monographs that fall into the corresponding category. The black numbers reflect the average percentage for all SCS libraries.  

Compared to the ranges and average for all GreenGlass clients

The charts in the fourth column of the screen offer some additional perspective on where the library falls in comparison to others. 

For every metric, the thin gray line stretches from 0 to 100%. 

  • The darker gray line represents the range seen among GreenGlass libraries. 
  • The gray square represents the group average and the blue circle represents your library.